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Your journals always inspire me to be more creative with mine. I love it. Maybe you need a break with dealing with the issues for a while. Sometime issues need more time to marinate for us to fully deal with them.

I'm so intrigued with your journal page that I don't know how long I starred at it before I realized you had a quote from Prof Dumbledore- cool.

I love that Harry Potter quote (must remember to write that one down). I started a journal last year, but it's been getting dusty in my desk drawer. You're inspiring me to look at it again with fresh eyes. Maybe all I really need to get going, are a few prompts like the one's from the site you mentioned.

& You're so sweet to include my card, I'm touched! :)

I don't know if I have commented on your blog before or not, but probably not because I am a new reader. Anyhow, I LOVE your journal pages!!! It has totally inspired me! I am determined to being journalling on paper again!

I love your pages so much. You set me free with my journaling and I am so grateful.

I'm struggling to find "ME" with my art. I have been bouncing around from cartoonish doodles to collage work to crochet - where am I in all of it? I can totally relate to wanting to find a style but I wonder if both of us have a style that is ours = the not being glued to one niche.

Please find comfort in knowing you're not alone in that challenge and there are many of us working through it and setting the battle aside along with you.

Take care. :)

Wow! These are great pages...what a neat idea to just answer a whole bunch of questions on a spread. It sore of ties the 52Q thing together.
And, I agree with the first commenter on today's post; maybe your playing is a way of letting your tough issues percolate. Perspective can be gained at a distance and what better way to move back than to play with beautiful things like coffee filters and magazine photos!
Have a great weekend,

Hello my sweet friend! How are you? I love the coffee filter idea! What about a separate journal for the issues you're trying to work through? I have about 3 different ones going at the same time. I love it!

I hope you're happy and healthy and having FUN!

Many Hugs,

so gorgeous.. i so like your page :-)

This is one of a kind of Journaling

Hope, I just love the journal you made..IT's gorgeous and you're so talented..I had fun doodling in it to...

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