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Hope, what a great post!!! i am such a knuckle~head...i left out so many of the places
that we visited...i am glad you took up my slack!
thanks!!! your pictures are amazing...i had such
a good time on our trip and it was so nice to meet
you...you are such a doll...so fun and cute!!! i
hope we do this again next year!!!

Next time, we should all bring journals to write in, that was a fun idea, Hope!

Hope, I really enjoyed meeting you and getting to know you! The journal was fabulous! (drool) and I think we all need to bring one!

What a special day! I loved seeing the journal page while it was being written--before and after.

Hey Hope,
It looks like you guys hit all the best places! Even Tuskies for dinner, yum!
The journal page idea was sheer genius, what a wonderful momento to have from your fun day out!
Thanks so much for the links, your so sweet to include me in your post. I look forward to seeing you again soon.

Hope, it was SO NICE to meet you and I had the best time! I would love to do this again sometime. Your journal was beautiful and I loved being able to see it in person. xoxo Heather

Hope, I'm so glad I got to meet you..You're a doll.. I had so much fun this weekend and I will never forget this trip...We really need to do this again...I only wish we had more time....

What a great day with "the girls" this must have been! Love how you did the journal page for everyone to write on. Great idea....Think I'll do one for my upcoming trip to ArtFiberfest later this month.

Fun! Fun! Looks like you ladies had the best time! Im going around visiting everyone's blogs and just "oooh'ing and aaaah'ing". Glad you ladies had a fabulous girlie filled day!!! :) Jenn

You do have a very lovely journal.. thanks for sharing.. :-)

This is what makes you so special..

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