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This books sounds amazing...I just ordered it off Amazon...thanks for sharing...would love to see these women in person. Have a great day, Roberta

I got this book recently...am having a hard time figuring out my "style statement" so far. I will though....I want a label! Something to define myself. There's a sense of confidence in those two words I think. I just dunno what it is yet!

OMG! I had no idea you read this book too & had your style statement. How funny that we have similiar ones. I think your nostalgia is for a later time than mine though. It's a great book, isn't it?

Well done! I can see how "Nostalgic Creativity" would encapsulate you perfectly.
This book really is extraordinary. I LOVED the process and arrived at "Cultured Focus", which suits me to a tee. I've written a bit about it here, if you're interested http://isawyoudancing.blogspot.com/2010/03/more-on-labels.html

While the dogs were not aggressive toward authorities, they were found surrounding the couple and the coronery concluded that the victims did die of dog bite wounds. Neighbors report that the dogs have been around for years and never caused a problem in the community.

The dogs belong to a man who used to live in the area but had to move due to medical reasons. However, supposedly a friend was taking the formeadfr owner to the property to feed the dogs regularly.

Impressive blog! -Arron

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