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It's beautiful, Hope! I absolutely love what you're doing for Mike also. I think about you and am so happy for this part of your life, as Mr. and Mrs., to begin! xo-Mel

Oh Hope...I just love it...I love the cut and I love the way the diamonds are placed...truly awesome...and its really cool with how you guys are putting together Mike's I really think that unique & a true treasure...thanks for sharing...have a honey of a night - sweet dreams! grace peace & joy 2 U Marlene

Such a beautiful ring and symbol of love!

This is such a lovely ring. Thank you for sharing it with us. I will love to see more wedding posts.

Hope, it is a gorgeous ring,and I adore the meaning as well. What a wonderful idea you two have for his ring too. Awesome!


Oh, Hope, this is a most captivating ring! And I love the fact that it is different from the engagement ring. The flower shape with those diamonds--so delicate and meaningful. I know you can't wait to wear it.

Ohhhhh It is gorgeous!!!! So nice..and I also love the idea for Mike's ring - very thoughtful of you two!

Hi Hope,
I have to catch up...I have been at the cottage for a week and therefore out of touch but I wanted to say, I love your choice for your ring. I don't wear my wedding band and engagement ring on the same finger, either and I was beginning to think I was odd! Now I know I am in good company. Anyway, I will have a good read later on and I can't wait to 'catch up' on all that you have been doing.

Oh my goodness Hope, that is about the most beautiful ring I think I have ever seen. Really, I like it as much as my own rose gold antique ring! I never had an engagement ring, but have a beautiful anniversary ring I wear on my other hand. Can't wait to see it in real life.

It's so pretty..I love the design... 3 months to go, WOW! time really does fly..

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Ring symbolizes the repetitive unbroken love of both man and woman.That is definitely a very beautiful ring.

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